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About Us

About US –

OM Himalayan, Kathmandu 44600 Nepal

We are a prosperous and optimistic business venture with the largest selection of Wholesale/Retail and Consumer products – (aboriginal) handicrafts including machine-made exclusive treasures born in the Nepal Himalayas by the team of experts in their fields who are renowned for the precision in the products and dedication in shaping them with attention in every fine detail. Yes! We have been operating and doing business under the auspices of the concerned government bodies/authorities here in Nepal (and elsewhere). We are an authorized entity and we deal with the distribution – wholesale/retail and to the end consumers as well – of varied products/goods: from Singing Bowls including Tingsha Cymbals, Vajras, Gongs, Bells, Statues, Prayer Flags, Incenses to Healing Beads Mala (Buddhachitta/Rudrakshya/Coral/Muga/Metal/Bone/Stone) to Handicrafts to Imprinted Merchandise to Native Crafts to Resort Apparels made up of high quality Cotton, Hemp and Pashmina to Wood Carvings to Sculptures and Novelty.

At OM Himalayan we strive to produce the highest quality products – with the branding title/slogan – Born in the Nepal Himalayas – that inspires the entire ecosystem of our valued wholesalers and retailers to ultimately pass on to the consumers where we build lasting relationships while seeing new and unique finds in the latest trends which will set our stores apart while helping grow our businesses collectively.

We care most about people (our craftsmen), causes, and others (the ecosystem where we do business) as much as we do revenue and profits. As a company we use our thinking to make a positive difference on big problems like hunger, poverty, climate change – and our own bottom line – Re-Thinking; Re-Imagining & Re-Inventing our business to Deliver Meaningful Impact & Even Greater Profits!

We carefully handpick our craftsmen who are deprived women from remote parts of Nepal bearing amazing ability to bring lives in the products/goods they make – ultimately this becomes a ‘masterpiece’. This empowers them to be more productive and proactive and capable of funding themselves and to the livelihoods of their dependent ones – especially the children taking care of their better education and health. Thus, this way it is not just an offering/payments for their works but seed capital for something bigger. Because, we believe our company is our canvas if we can bring forward our greatest work that really matters. And our successful example becomes the catalyst for others in our industry & marketplace.

Below are a few of the key specialties that Om Himalayan has in it! We adhere to our personal philosophy – 'Stop Selling – Start Compelling! This we do via our incredible products/goods.

We take care of our valued clients in a number of unique ways:

- Promptness in response we respond; from the very beginning to the end – be that a phone call or an E-mail: a personalized service, the time you place your order until you receive the product. … We are Happy to Serve you and Serve you again…

- The most competitive pricing in our products/goods – the best throughout the industry

- Private labeling – Bar Code/Sticker and cardboard box packing for the utmost safety of the products inside

- All year round, bulk-order processing; we value the shipping of a single product indeed

- Outstanding network(s) – for the competitive/discounted price(s) – with couriers and their chains

- Drop shipping

- Products/Goods tailor-made to meet your specific requirements: add your own logo! Or engraving any markings or design into it/them

- (Free) Product Information Session (pre-confirmation required via any means of communication – email/WhatsApp/Viber etc.)

- For your peace of mind, we do guaranteed exchange, refund(s) and return, just in case if you offer yourself a second thought into your first decision


Om Himalayan has its M-V-Os as below:

SUSTAINABILITY MISSION STATEMENT: To promote the nation – NEPAL – in itself as one of the most sought after handicraft manufacturers in the entire world meanwhile preserving and promoting Nepalese craftsmanship and Nepalese handicrafts. We practice environmental integrity in order to achieve a sustainable society which economically empowers the local community (especially deprived women from rural parts of Nepal to support their financial freedom – strictly no child is involved in any of the labor works); the stakeholders and the environment we operate in. We are committed to creating a movement beyond just a Products/Goods Manufacturer – we dare to do what other companies are scared of doing! We believe that art in minds is best described by hands via products/goods those reflect not only our craftsmanship but also our Nepalese cultural values, symbolically meaningful, significance and what we aspire to.


VISION: To be a highly effective, trustable and responsible business venture with the largest selection of Wholesale/Retail and Consumer products in NEPAL with an extreme desire of giving back to the community to create a sustainable ecosystem and a win-win situation to all the connected in a chain. We aim to partner with BIGGER BRANDS those had/have a Social Mission Component and Consumers are really aware of where their spending is going! This way Customers can purchase goods(s)/product(s) by CAUSE; by BRAND. This will build a COMMUNITY and truly transcend our BUSINESS. This is the time to work on BIGGER Pictures… Today's Business relies on providing value(s) in exchange for the Consumer's/Customer's/Client's MONEY.

OBJECTIVE: To create lasting happiness; to take care of the livelihoods and to celebrate the success among our VALUED EMPLOYEES. We are very much aware that THEY are representing US and our company – and they are living and breathing the company values and brand promises. Individually, we drive growth, value-creation, and innovation. But, collectively, OM Himalayan believes 21st Century Entrepreneurs are the greatest leverage available to impact the Globe.

As our latest progress in offering our valued clients more from OM Himalayan, we have now added a ‘service product’ into our chain: Sound Healing Therapy. The therapy uses aspects of music/sound to improve mental and physical health whilst producing the ability to control our emotions and improving overall well-being. Sound Healing Therapy cures several illnesses. You will be amazed to feel the outcomes of this special healing therapy – cells will be rejuvenated – ultimately rejuvenating your physical and mental health. Let us give it a try! Please contact [[email protected] | [email protected]] us well in advance as the classes/courses are running and it is extremely difficult for us to include you or form a group in shorter time frame.